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  • Leadership Skills

  • Change Management

  • Facilitation

  • Presentation Skills

  • Career Development

  • Learning organization

  • Communication styles 

  • Workplace wellness 

  • Adult Education 

  • Culture change 

  • Personality Profiles: Lumina Learning and Personality Dimensions 


Leadership at All Levels

Hands on training workshops to develop leadership skills. We can help you create leaders in your boardrooms, in your mail rooms, and everywhere in between. Leadership is not a function of position or level. Anyone in your organization who is willing to step forward and take ownership for something they believe in can be a leader. Emergence can help you create leaders in your boardrooms, in your mail rooms, and everywhere in between. 


  • We offer hands on training workshops to develop leadership skills.

  • We can help organizations establish communities of practice and action learning circles that allow integrate continuous learning and development into the workplace.

  • We can help you develop your personal mission statement and gain a deeper insight into your core values, core needs, communication style, leadership style, and thinking processes. Internationally accepted tools are employed; such as, Temperament Type Theory (e.g., Lumina Learning and Personality Dimensions) and introspective exercises.

Sylvie Lapointe

Organizational Development Consultant



Tell Your Story – Story Crafting

We are all storytellers. In everyday conversations with friends, family and colleagues, we use stories to relate what happens to us – to describe our realities. Stories are windows into our head and heart.


Through our stories, we let others know what has meaning to us, what makes us happy or sad, what scares us, and what excites us.


As a leader, how can you use the art of storytelling as a compelling communication tool? How can you craft stories that give your vision wings and inspire others to move forward with conviction and enthusiasm?


  • We can help you uncover your own stories by teaching you techniques such as Appreciative Inquiry, Anecdote Circles, improvisational theatre, and creative writing workshops.

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