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What Coaching Offers...

To lead others, you need to cultivate and gain their trust. People will trust you when you are being truthful with them. In order to be truthful with others, you need to be true to yourself.


You need to ask yourself the tough questions and dare to be who you are. Say it as it is: the good, the bad and the ugly. No pretenses. Just the truth.


  • What are your answers to these BIG questions?







  • We can help you gain deeper insight into who you are with tools like Temperament Type Theory (e.g. Lumina Learning and Personality Dimensions) and introspective exercises designed to help you develop your own personal mission statement. 

  • We offer coaching workshops that teach the art of asking powerful questions to help others see what they cannot see. Coaching is about helping people uncover their own solutions. The leadership/executive coaching skills that are developed during this workshop can be directly applied in your organization to enhance performance and achieve corporate goals

Dare to be Who You Are...
  • Coaching and advisory services to senior management (Assistant Deputy Ministers and Director Generals).

  • Coaching workshops that teach the art of asking powerful questions to help others see what they cannot see.

  • Lumina Learning: unique and innovative interventions to help organisations transform their performance by transforming their people. Please see the Lumina Learning web site for detailed information.

  • Courage to Love Yourself: workshops for personal growth and development

  • Leadership assessments for individuals, teams and organizations through 
    The Leadership Circle

- What do I believe in?

- What do I stand for?

- What are my dreams?

- What are my strengths? My talents?

- What do I still need to learn?

- What do I want to be remembered for?

Sylvie Lapointe

Organizational Development Consultant



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