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Growing Your Potential

Sylvie Lapointe

Organizational Development Consultant



Sparking the fire within.

Unlock your potential by identifying areas for growth and uncovering your own solutions to achieve breakthroughs and advance along your chosen path.

Learning creates a ripple effect.

Learning expands your horizons and grows your circle of influence. Learning is the acquisition of new knowledge that leads to lasting behavior change.

Help your organization grow strong roots and branch out into the world.

Facilitation is the art of enabling groups to tap into their collective intelligence to cocreate solutions and build sustainable agreements.

Emergence is about growing your potential

Emergence is growth. Emergence is the gradual beginning or coming forth, evolving from the unknown to the visible ...

We facilitate the emergence of a new state of being in individuals and their organizations.

We create an environment that fosters the discovery of new possibilities. 

We help people and organizations uncover what they already possess - yet untapped ideas, skills, and attributes.

​We use many techniques; such as, teaching leadership skills, facilitating group processes, and collaborative arts (storytelling, theater, visual arts).

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